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The Peru School is located on Stemen Road just west of Huntington Hills subdivision.
Although the origin of the school’s name is unknown, the building was typical of early schoolhouses: one-room, cast iron heating stove, double desks (for two students) and housing all eight grades. According to Violet Township records approximately 500 students attended Violet Township-Pickerington’s 19 schools in 1895.
Today there are approximately 10,500 students attend 14 schools in the in the Pickerington Local School District.

The cast-iron stove used in Peru School is a Peninsular Stove. It was completely refurbished by E.E. Sowers. The stove was given to the Historical Society by William & Earlene Corban. You can see the Peninsular Stove at the Pickerington-Violet Township Historical Society in their museum.