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The cast-iron stove used in Peru School is a Peninsular Stove. It was completely refurbished by E.E. Sowers. The stove was given to the Historical Society by William & Earlene Corban. You can see the Peninsular Stove at the Pickerington-Violet Township Historical Society in their museum.

The Peru School is located on Stemen Road just west of Huntington Hills subdivision.
Although the origin of the school’s name is unknown, the building was typical of early schoolhouses: one-room, cast iron heating stove, double desks (for two students) and housing all eight grades. According to Violet Township records approximately 500 students attended Violet Township-Pickerington’s 19 schools in 1895. Today there are Approximately 10,500 students attend 14 schools in the in the Pickerington Local School District.